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    August 19, 2013
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Elephant Back Ride Sri Lanka - An amazing axperience

Riding on the back of the amazing giant in the wild would be an incredible experience in life. An elephant ride Sri Lanka will be a great opportunity to be so close to the majestic beast, while enjoying the views of nature, wild life and traditional lifestyles of the people in rural villages in Sri Lanka. Moreover, an elephant ride in Sri Lanka would allow you to observe the surroundings in a closer proximity. More than all the facts mentioned above, may be the most precious experience of this activity is getting to share a day in the life of an elephant.

Habarana being the central location of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, the culture tourists touring therein too grab the opportunity to enjoy an elephant ride in Sri Lanka. The irrigation reservoirs and waterways of the area bring in a riverine terrain where the elephants would wade through, or swim to reach the banks in the farther end. The ride would also takes place over the main road, the pathways, villages, jungles, swamp and river.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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Getaway Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, on the southern tip of India, is known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. While some argue that the lush island is in fact the ‘Tear Drop of the East’, and some just want to know, ‘where is Sri Lanka’, the general consensus is that lanka holidays provide one with fantastic adventure. The wonderful thing about this island nation is that everything is in close proximity to each other, and yet so very different in climate and spectacular views.

There are so many things to see and places to visit; from luxury hotels by the Indian ocean closer to the business capital that is Colombo, to the far flung attractions such as the matchless beach in Pasikudah on the North East of the Island where the weather is warmer and the food so very different to the Southern bend on your map that leads you to the city of Galle and its majestic fort or to Bentota with its turtle hatchery. We at Getaway Sri Lanka will provide you with the perfect sri lanka holiday deals, travel tips and also keep you informed on the best time to visit sri lanka - in relation to the best travel deals. If you are an experienced traveler, or a first time explorer, you will by now realise that trip advisor will also play a big part in helping you plan weekend getaways, vacations and also more comprehensive plans if you wish to tour sri lanka. As the climate is relatively warm throughout the year, there is no particular season to travel, but we would recommend certain parts of the island during certain monsoon seasons or dry spells that would ensure you with the ideal package sri lanka has to offer you.

Getaway Sri Lanka is also available to assist you with your sri lanka visa, as part of our package. We also provide you with tour information and take you to UNESCO approved cultural sites that are a vibrant part of sri lanka tourism.

Monday, October 10, 2016

When to go and weather Sri Lanka....

Sri Lanka remains a 365 days of the year destination due to its diverse topography.

While the climate is most enjoyable (humid + more cooler) in the drier seasons, the west, south and upland areas are best travelled in the months of December to March. There have been sightings of many schools of dolphins and sharks, so the South is definitely worth a visit.

The East Coast is best experienced between April to September when the waters are beautiful and warm, and iridescent with the colours of coral and pretty fish.

If you are keen to see the best sights and sounds then you have to visit during December and March, when parties are in full swing and spirits are high all over the island. 

July and August represent a host of festivals and Perehara Pagents take over the timeline. If you wish to travel during this season, it is recommended to book well in advance to obtain suitable accommodation.

In short, when visiting Sri Lanka if experiencing monsoons in the South, head towards the North/East and you will enjoy pristine beaches and sunny weather, and vice versa.

However, it is a tropical paradise, and there is always the unpredictability of weather in the tropics.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Health & Safety in Sri Lanka

If you are traveling to Sri Lanka for the first time, here are some details that will assist you in preparing for your vacation:

Sri Lankan food is essentially spicy. No matter where you travel, there will always be the offering of rice and curry. There will usually be steamed white rice with a selection of vegetables, meat, chicken or fish.  There are also many fast food franchises such as MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Burger King and Subway.

While water is boiled and filtered in most places, we would recommend that you stick to bottled water at all times. Bottled water is freely available in restaurants as well as in supermarkets and road-side shops. Never buy bottled water if the seal is broken or tampered with in any way. Bottles : 500ml generally costs around Rs. 40 – 60  and 1L approx Rs. 100 – 120  (Chilled water may cost extra)

Regardless of where you are traveling

While your travel agent will assist you when you have taken ill, it is also best that you carry any medication you regularly take, with you. In the event of allergies, please also carry an epi-pen* (epinephrine injection) with you.

Sri Lanka has a very comprehensive network of government and private hospitals, clinics and pharmacies/chemists. Medicine is readily available.

Legal Matters
If you are in need of assistance or guidance, the Sri Lanka Police have a station in every major town. In addition to this, there are many Justice of the Peace who can notarize or sign off on documents for you. There are also lawyers and legal aid available to lend a hand you in the event that you require any assistance. Most contracts are drawn up in English.

to, it is always prudent to have your insurance premiums up to date. Sri Lanka is covered by Bupa as well as AIA and other international travel insurers.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Getting around Sri Lanka..

how you can travel around the Sri Lanka & what are the safe & combat able methods [car, van] specially about luxury jeep safari....

Even though Sri Lanka is a relatively small island, (slightly larger than Tasmania), it has a lot of diversity that requires different modes of transportation.

Most trips to the up country region – situated towards the middle of the island – tend to require a comfortable journey by car, van or train. While you are able to self-drive while here, we would recommend that you indulge in a chauffeur-guide who will safely navigate the rather hectic traffic as well as give you information on the sights and sounds of the country as you travel.

Sri Lanka is also broadening its network of domestic airports and you will be able to travel long distances in a very short period of time by small commercial aircraft.

For shorter distances, we recommend the ever present tuk tuk that is quite steady on its three-wheels and is an economical as well as fun and exciting mode of transport. Additionally there are also motorbikes and bicycles that can be hired for a nominal cost for the day if you wish to do a tour of the city or a special trip.

There are also many Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) available on special request.

If you are planning on travelling within the lush wildlife parks of Yala and Wilpattu you can book luxury jeeps that turn your journey through the park into a very comfortable one. However, if you wish to experience the parks in their rustic and rugged glory, you may hire an open jeep that will certainly add to the experience.

Getaway Sri Lanka will provide you with the perfect sri lanka holiday deals, travel tips and also keep you informed on the best time to visit sri lanka - in relation to the best travel deals.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Experience in the Heart of Sri Lanka (Colombo) – Travelers Eye

While looking around for favourite cities and fun things to do while on a holiday, you may or may not come across Colombo as the best place to be.

While there are a lot of travelers who prefer to travel direct to the hilly regions of Kandy and Nuwara Eliya (referred to as ‘Up Country’) or down towards the coastal areas, Colombo actually has a rather understated class of its own and seems to hold travelers in a languid thrall once they begin to explore her nooks and crannies.

With its heritage of colonial buildings and a plethora of newly concreted high-rises and shopping malls, there is a thrumming nightlife that boasts more than a few casinos, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.

The accommodation in Colombo are a sublime mixture of earthy, minimalistic type abodes with handloom bed spreads and raw-food breakfasts, to the more luxurious offering of the five star hotel with its continental breakfasts, high teas and theme dinners. You can choose from a host of hostels, guest houses, hotels or apartments to meet your requirement.  

The city also has a hypnotically seductive offering of fine dining restaurants such as Kema Sutra, The Gallery Café and Café Francais by Pourcel, to name a few.

Remember, the best and most fun way to get around Colombo is by Tuk Tuk. Most of the time there are plenty of these three-wheel vehicles to take you around Colombo for a very nominal (metered) fare. If you prefer to walk short distances, be prepared to smile and wave-off many interested tuk tuk drivers who will want to stop and get you onboard as a passenger! They are fun, and quite safe!
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Monday, August 8, 2016

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